Lake City 5.56 NATO M196 Red Tip Tracer 55 Grain Ammunition 250Rds


This NATO 5.56 Tracer rounds when shot provide a visible observation of the bullet’s in-flight path or trajectory to the point of impact. We have a very limited quantity, buy now!

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Tracer ammunition (tracers) are projectiles that are built with a small pyrotechnic charge in their base. When fired, the pyrotechnic composition is ignited by the burning powder and burns very brightly, making the projectile trajectory visible to the naked eye during daylight, and very bright during nighttime firing. This allows the shooter to visually trace the flight path of the projectile and thus make necessary ballistic corrections, without having to confirm projectile impacts and without even using the sights of the weapon. Tracer fire can also be used as a marking tool to signal other shooters to concentrate their fire on a particular target.

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 4 in

5.56x45mm NATO





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